London Things To Do ❤ Richmond Park


Last weekend I spent going for a walk in one of the prettiest parks I have ever seen. I haven’t been in London long enough myself to have visited all the parks that it offers, and I guess I must’ve assumed they wouldn’t really be anything special.. but BOY was I wrong!

I got the train last Saturday to Richmond station, and from here we had to get a bus (Bus 317) to the park otherwise it would have been about half an hours walk – which isn’t that bad to be fair but it was -1 degrees! The bus stopped right outside the station which was so perfect, and we only knew this because we asked the information desk and it was weird feeling like a tourist in London again!!

I don’t even know how to begin describing to you just how big Richmond Park is. You could walk and walk and walk and it’s full of lakes and woods and it was stunning, especially during this time of year. If you do go around now, make sure you wrap up warm (we’re talking TWO pairs of socks!!) and also prepare for next level amounts of mud. The park closed around 4:30pm, around when it got dark but you only needed a few hours to really enjoy and take in what this place had to offer.



There was a little lodge that served mountains upon mountains (is that a saying?!) of cakes and scones and it was just the most beautiful little café which was situated so snug in the back of what they called Pembroke Lodge. We had stopped here for lunch and had a massive scone with jam and cream with a cup of tea for £3.75. To prove to you how beautiful this lodge was, there was a wedding going on whilst we were there which was an absolute dream.

The lakes were completely frozen over and it was just an incredible view. You turn around and there were deers that would be two feet from you, which for me,  having been born and bred in Hong Kong, was so incredible.


I would have never thought it before going myself but this would make the nicest day out with a group of friends to enjoy some fresh air and definitely a must-do date idea. Especially as the sun was setting, you won’t find a more romantic day out. Once it starts to get a little warmer I am definitely going to go for a picnic by the lake, it would be an absolute dream.

Funny story to add.. I got home and watched David Beckham’s Instagram story, and turns out he was at Richmond Park all day that day as well!? what a BUMMER I bloody would’ve hunted the man down.

Let me know what you thought about Richmond Park if you’ve ever been or if it’s a place you’d like to go?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. micaelafranki says:

    This looks so beautiful! I’d love to go there one day!


    1. helloitsjo says:

      hehe yes you definitely should, too pretty not to! xx


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