London Things To Do ❤ Steam and Rye


WHAT A PLACE! This weekend I had a wonderful night out at Steam and Rye in East London. Let’s just say I went thinking it was an ordinary cocktail bar but it definitely had a lot more to it than that.

All the decor was American themed with dark furniture, American flags hanging across walls and even a statue of a crucified Jesus?!!

The music playing wasn’t normally what you’d find at other bars in London, with it mostly old classics, which just made for an even better and funnier night. The bar staff at one point all came out blowing fire and dancing on the tables and balcony which was so exciting as we had no idea that that was what happened here. They were amazing performers.. although take it from me and don’t try to copy the moves they do AS they’re doing them because when you watch videos the next will look appalling. Never used the word appalling before but DEFINITELY APPALLING!

They serve food here throughout the day which is supposed to be amazing, I cant personally say anything about it myself as I have yet to come here for a meal. However I can definitely recommend it for a hilarious and happy night out with your friends. Steam and Rye is located at 147 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT.

Make sure you give this place a visit because it was definitely an experience to say the least (


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  1. daintydweeb says:

    Oh WOW! This looks amazing, and lots of fun. I visited London in October and loved it, we did all the touristy things because my little brother hadn’t been before and it was his birthday.

    I think I’ll have to have a look out for here when my other half and I visit in the future!

    Kayla |

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